jeudi 28 juin 2012

OC => Unnamed cursed princess

It's a really busy week, a lot of work  and a comic festival in Lyon sunday... Maybe the festival wasn't really interesting but I have now 4 new drawings to show you... Fight, pirate, draeinei and more... Be patient guys... XD

 I'm really happy show you this drawing by Alison... A friend I don't see since 1 year (a little less in fact) maybe a day her facebook account was activated and same thing for the chat... She's alive...New computer but it's a mac (no-gaming computer, hate this) so she thoung messenger can't work, but I found (easily) this application for Mac and now she come back... I talked a lot with her and when she say me she love draw, you can expect I talk about the blog... And she accept draw Rosalina... How nice... \(^o^)/

I was a little scary by the result because she say me "I'm not a great artist... My style is not really good"... But like the result I'm sure you agree she have a beautifull style... Rosalina is so beautifull like this and Alyson's OC is cute too... I love the red who suggest they are a little embarassed that adorable... Thanks so much Alyson...

Alyson say she often make a pic as gift for birthdays so I must wait untill January to show you something new... Maybe I hope convice her draw Rosalina before... Oh yeah... Rock and Roll  (love this sentence in Hellsing...)... Next time I'll show you the first drawing from the comics festival...

Artist: Alyson   /  Price: Request
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