mardi 23 avril 2013

Blazblue - Noel Vermillon

I started a little video for the blog to present it and the Rosalina & girl project but I don't have enough interesting things for the moment to say so it's canceled, or I must say reported... I have some ideas in mind like add an information page, twitter account and create a little project with Luma. Also if you noticed the counter in the main publication there is "Gijinka" and you can be sure I have something in mind for this... ^^

Today a new publication by a really curious but pleasant artist: quamp who seem to have a little fetish for hooter outfit and I must admit in one hand it's really original and at the other hand girls wearing this are really beautifull. I saw in quamp profile than he accept Hooters Uniform Requests so you can be sure I asked him if Rosalina may pick his interest... What else... ^^

Quamp answered than "Rosalina is a character that I can render, but it would not look 100% accurate" but it was a little more difficult when he asked me to choose the girl to pair with Rosalina and the pose. Sincerely I'm not good find great ideas and always let the artist totally free with the pose and girl he want to show with Rosalina but quamp's rules are clear, he don't have to decide for me... U_u

As you can see in the drawing, I suggested two to quamp two girls from the Blazblue series: Makoto and Noel Vermillon. Rosalina and the girl standing back to back but I must admit than it was a friend who suggested the pose. After all she's a waitress (but don't have uniform) and I must admit her idea is great. For the rest it's a huge thanks to quamp for this amazing drawing, of course it's not 100 accurate but Rosalina and Noel look so lovely... ^^

I love the Rosalina on the right announcing the drawing, it really work with the subject and add a little original and funny touch. I hope you like it guys and sincerely don't hesitate to take a look to quamp profile and gallery. By the way he have a really HUGE and amazing gallery (his bunnies girl are amazing too)... XD

Artist:  Quamp  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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