samedi 15 septembre 2012

Solo => Kigurumi Rosalina

I think like the name of the blog the idea is simple; my dream is to show Rosalina with a lot of other girls... A lot of drawings here were made as request and like this the more important is the artist have fun when he drew Rosalina so I always let him free to love what he love but I'm a little sad with all these solo pics... T_T

Sincerely, it's not really the time to be sad because the more important is Rosalina... What else... And I'm glad show you this first drawing by Lucie (yeah, other will come)... It's Rosalina wearing a Pikachu kigurumi simply because it's Lucie's cosplay... And like you can say, it look just so cute... And I have the original... \(^o^)/

What can be better than a Rosalina drawing? It's a Rosalina cosplay... And there is a chance (really little) than Lucie do this cosplay a day, for the moment it's not sure it happend this year but it must be awesome... Last thing about cosplay, I'm looking for a Rosalina cosplay... If you can help me find one great it must be awesome... ^^
Artist: Lucie   /  Price: Request
No site available for the moment... Sorry...

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